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Clinical research at Hematology Oncology Consultants, Inc.

or many patients diagnosed with cancer, the road ahead may seem daunting. Traditional treatment options may not seem appealing, and the choices available may also seem limited. For some patients, experimental treatments can offer the newest and most promising advances that medicine has to offer. By participating in a research program, our patients have the ability to try a new treatment for their disease that the medical community believes may be the most promising new option available to them. Hematology Oncology Consultants, Inc. also has studies that are designed simply to gather more information about a particular type of cancer so that we can continue to learn as much as possible about our patients’ diseases.

The research program at Hematology Oncology Consultants, Inc. is currently comprised of more than thirty separate clinical trials, all of which are designed to address the needs of the many different types of cancers, and patients, that we see in our practice. We offer research protocols for several types of breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancers, as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome and PNH, a rare blood disorder. Each of these clinical trials has been rigorously reviewed by teams of physicians, ethical review boards and by our own physicians to ensure these trials provide the most innovative, current and potentially beneficial treatments available.

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is an important one which involves the patient, their family, and the oncologist and the research team here at HOCI. If clinical research is an option that the patient and the oncologist agree to consider, the research team will work directly with the patient to make sure all questions are answered so that they can make an informed decision about their care. Patients participating in a research trial receive individualized attention from the research staff, as well as the standard care from our physicians, nurses and support staff.

We at HOCI at are deeply committed to finding answers to the many unanswered questions surrounding cancer. We remember and respect the decisions made by the thousands of patients over the years who have chosen to say “yes” to helping us find these answers through clinical research. These are decisions that we do not take lightly, and we are honored to work with such brave, committed individuals. Without their help, we would not have the many new treatments that are available to patients worldwide today.

If you would like more information about the research program here at HOCI or about clinical research in general, please do not hesitate to contact the research team at 614-846-0044.